Shaping the Energy Debate

The London School of Economics Students’ Union Energy Society is the student-led organisation specialising in the energy sector here at the LSE. A recognised member of the Collegiate Energy Association, our mission is to provide our members with the foundation, skills, and relationships to develop successful careers within the energy sector. We organise regular lectures and specialist talks on energy-related fields as well as an annual energy conference with the aim of shaping the debate in the energy field both within and outside the school’s realm.

We are open to students and staff of LSE as well as students and professionals elsewhere. By bringing students with interests in the Energy industry together, the Society has established an alumni network within major energy and commodity companies, finance and consultancy firms, international research centers and numerous other relevant market players.

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Our Executive Team

The 2016-2017 Executive Committee possesses wide-ranging international experience and diverse specialisations. They guide the overall direction of the Society and manage its relations with both stakeholders and partners.

Vice-President: Glendon Giam

Glendon is a second year BSc Environment and Development student. Prior to joining LSE, he was a wind engineer with a Singapore-based renewable energy developer, where he worked on numerous utility-scale wind power projects throughout Southeast Asia.

Having experienced the technical, financial and regulatory challenges of renewable projects first-hand, Glendon believes that promoting a better understanding of renewables among governments, businesses and communities will reduce the risks of deploying renewable energy.

President: Damian Virchow

Damian is a second year BSc Finance student at the LSE. What especially interests him are new and innovative renewable technologies as sources for energy generation and storage, which is what he mainly focussed on last year for the Energy Fund and the Journal and which is an industry he wishes to develop further professional experience in.

Secretary: Elena Bignami

Elena is an MSc Management student. She also holds a BSc in Environment and Development from the LSE.

Elena looks forward to an exciting year for the Energy Society to address important discussions on renewable technology, smart grids and energy trading.

Our Specialists

Key members of our Society possess deep expertise and lead our specialised teams dedicated to specific energy sectors. Most of them are experienced industry professionals who have returned to the LSE for further studies.

Head, Energy Journal: Simon Löschnauer

Simon is a postgraduate student on the MSc in Applicable Mathematics. He holds a BSc in Mathematics and Economics from the LSE and previously led the society’s Oil & Gas team. During his final year of undergraduate studies he has worked as an analyst in the European gas market and he has a particular interest in the commodities sector. 

This year he is leading the Energy Journal, a biannual magazine focused on current energy affairs which is published by society members.

Head, Oil & Gas: Muireann Mageras

Muireann is an MSc Environmental Economics and Climate Change student. She previously worked in management consulting and at the World Economic Forum, where she helped businesses address environmental issues – namely looking at sustainability and climate change within the oil and gas sector. She is interested in corporate sustainability as well as the economics of the energy transition.

Co-Head, Renewables: Giacomo Falchetta

Giacomo is an MSc Environmental Economics and Climate Change student. An economist by training, he is an environment enthusiast relying upon the solid framework of Economics to improve society and safeguard the planet. Through the renewable energy committee, Giacomo seeks to engage other renewable energy enthusiasts in order to share knowledge and also to learn.

Co-Head, Renewables: Gilles Dufrasne

Gilles is an MSc Environmental Economics and Climate Change student. He is from Belgium and completed his undergraduate studies in Political Science there, then studied Economics at the University of Warwick before joining the LSE. He also lived in Germany for 10 years, where he was inspired by their Energiewende.

Head, Energy Fund: Antonina Szostek

Antonina is an MSc Risk and Finance student. An experienced industry professional, she manages the Energy Society’s financial portfolio, which focuses on commodities and energy trading. By coupling technical analysis of ongoing commodity-specific trends with a more qualitative analysis of global markets, her team investigates current trends in the global energy market and explore its possible evolution.

Co-Head, Energy Geopolitics: Gina Short

Gina is an MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation student. Formerly a lawyer in the City focusing on Corporate, M&A and Securities, during which time she worked on some renewables projects and was involved in several energy-focused societies, she is interested in increasing the use of renewables worldwide, and how this is affected by current geopolitics, as well as the innovative developments in decentralised energy and smart grid technology.

Co-Head, Energy Geopolitics: Theo Letort

Theo is a second-year BSc Geography with Economics student from France. Before joining the LSE, he studied in Stockholm, where he focused on the social sciences. He joined the Energy Society after recognising the crucial role of energy in enabling the functioning of societies worldwide. He is especially interested in studying the geopolitical impacts arising from the depletion of fossil fuels.

Energy Journal

The Energy Journal is a biannual magazine focused on current energy affairs, published by our Society. It is edited by Simon Löschnauer and written by our members.